Administrative & Financial Affairs Department

This department is the corner stone & main pillar of JTI works and activities. It is responsible for all JTI financial & administrative affairs & consists of 9 units.

Maintenance & Cleaning Unit

It is in charge of the following deeds:

  • Cleanliness and maintenance works within JTI.
  • Oversees JTI maintenance contract in coordination with Buildings Dept in RC.
  • Oversees JTI maintenance contract of workshops’ equipments & apparatuses .
  • Moves furniture for offices , classrooms , laboratories and workshops .
  • Prepares and supervises internal and external trainers housing .
  • Follows up and coordinates with RC depts. regarding cleanness and maintenance requirements .
  • Takes over new buildings within JTI .
  • Controls of rodents and insects in coordination with the company that assigned by RC .
  • Controls the keys of JTI utilities .
  • Performs continuous inventory for JTI furniture.
  • Prepares for annual occasions and visits .
  • Coordinates with RC contracts regarding JTI maintenance …etc
Communication Unit :

Controlling and responsible for the incoming and outgoing calls.

Mail unit :

Controlling and responsible for the incoming and outgoing calls.

Government Relations Unit :

This unit coordinates employees relations with government departments and relevant agencies .

Procurement Unit:

This unit is responsible for coordinating and dealing with procurement and suppliers dept.

Accounting Unit :

This unit is in charge of reviewing suppliers’ invoices , contracts’ invoices and students’ monetary aids in coordination with JIC . It is also responsible for the actions and procedures of budget planning , winding up financial procedures relating to work and supervising JTI cleanliness and catering contracts .

Personnel Unit :

Coordinating all sorts of employees affairs between JTI & RC .

Warehouse unit :

The liability of this unit is bringing in and/or distributing permanent and consumer materials , along with performing JTI annual inventory .

Security & Safety unit :

This unit protects and holds attention of all JTI possessions . In addition , it enlightens students , staff and employees about regulations and procedures relating to security and safety rules and the preventive actions that should be taken . Also it issues all sorts of entry permits .