Students Comments


Name: Mubark AL-Ayat Al Enazi
Batch: 272
Major: Industrial Electrical Skills

Praise be to ALLAH that I graduated in 2009 after carrying out the coop program at (Sharq) company where I acquired a decent position afterwards. I highly appreciated the vital role of JTI in getting both the coop and the job at (Sharq) company. Now , I have got a promotion from rank (7) to rank (8) only within one and a half year.

Name: Mohd. Bin Abdul Rahman Al Khaldi
Batch: 271
Major: PC and Network Support Skills

Praise be to ALLAH that now I’m working for Mobily company and that by virtue of my major and JTI.

Name: Zaid Bin Hamad Ak Qumaizii
Batch: 272
Major: Industrial Electrical Skills

I graduated in 2009 and then joined Saudi Electricity Company in Riyadh. Currently, I am working in Riyadh Power Plant . I really appreciate JTI part in getting this job

Name: Ali Bin Hassan Al Gahtanini
Batch: 251
Major: Industrial Electrical Skills

I had graduated within batch 251 and then joined coop in ( Sharq) company where I obtained a good job afterwards. I have recently promoted to a supervisor position at the same company

Name: Abdullah Dhahi Al Khaldi
Batch: 261
Major: Instrumentation and Control Skills

Upon finishing the study at JTI , I joined the coop program at ( Sharq) company. Thus , I granteed a position as a permanent empolyee in the same company. Currently, I have promoted as an act supervior.

Name: Hassan Yahya Asseeri
Batch: 261
Major: Industrial Machining Skills

I would like to express my gratitutes to JTI which educate and train Saudi nationals , in the field of technical skills and vocational training to meet the needs of local industrial sectors requirements of highly skilled manpower.After graduation from JTI, I joined Haddeed company in the same field, and then promoted from rank(7) to rank (8) in a very short time.