Crane and Forklift Operation Skills


The scope of Crane Operation skill relies on an intensive hands-on training in the operation of heavy lifting vehicles such as cranes and forklifts as per safety standards & pro­cedures followed globally. Acquire the trainee with other skills getting acquainted with optimal use of rigging hard­ware and tool associated with lifting weights and perform calculations with accuracy and professionalism.



Career Opportunities

After completing of the training period successfully, the graduate will be qualified for one of the following jobs:

  • Mobile Crane Operator
  • Forklift Operator
  • Overhead Crane Operator
  • Rigger   " Level 3 "
  • Forklift and Crane Inspector

Degree Plan

Semester 1
SrCourse CodeCourse NameContact Hours/
Credit Hours
1CROP 1101Introduction to Crane Operation21
2CROP 1102Rigging and Hoisting Practices63
3CROP 1103Crane Safety21
4CROP 1104Mobile Crane Operations126
5CROP 1105Hoisting Math Fundamentals84
6ENGC 1404English Communication32
Total Hours3317


Semester 2
SrCourse CodeCourse NameContact Hours/
Credit Hours
1CROP 2106Mobile Crane Operations147
2CROP 2107Forklift Operations63
3CROP 2108Crane and Forklift Inspection42
4CROP 2109Basic Maintenance for Crane and Forklift63
5TRWT 2406Technical Report Writing32
Total Hours3317

Coop (15 Weeks)
SrCourse CodeCourse NameWorking HoursEquivalent Contact 
Credit Hours
1CROP 3110Cooperative Training Program6001204