Special Program Unit

Special Program Unit (SPU) is a dedicated unit in Jubail Technical Institute (JTI) for providing high quality training experience serving both public and private sectors, and local community. We pride ourselves on offering many training programs to our clients in industries and we always strive to meet their training demands.

SPU offers many of our off the shelf training courses, short courses. These short courses are related to field in Industrial Mechanical, Industrial Electrical, Industrial Instrumentation and Control, Chemical as well as Information and Technology field. SPU also provides many extended programs tailored specifically in a given area of study. Such intensive programs allow participants to have a firm grasp in the understanding of the depth and breadth in that particular area of study.

When designing a given program, SPU treats every program as a project in itself wherein we apply up-to-date project management methodologies such agile, waterfall or hybrid approaches depending on the nature of the program. This well-structured work is vital to ensure the planning, execution and closing of the program remain at an optimal level to deliver the objectives of every program seamlessly.

As part of community service and to foster life-long learning practices, SPU also takes it upon itself towards the local community by deploying its expertise and resources to offer training opportunities to our valuable members of the society to be actively and effectively engaged in our community. 


Our Vision

  • To become an advanced and approved training hub based on the international standards and compete with other local and international training centers. 


Our Mission

  • To provide comprehensive training solutions for public and private sectors, and local community.
  • To offer modern and specialized training for industries to synchronize with the rapid development of 21st century to ensure excellence and development to the workforce.

Four great reasons to choose JTI for training:

1. Variety of Training Programs

Jubail Technical Institute offers a wide variety of training programs in which we enable trainees to develop the hands-on skills necessary to tackle the challenges posed in many industrial and manufacturing sectors. For more information, please click here on "academic" 


2. Training Facilities

Our training facilities are fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to offer the best learning and hands-on experience as well as keeping our trainees abreast of the development in their fields of study. Our workshops and laboratories have also the adequate amount of equipment strengthening the trainees' learning and engagement through relevant experiments conducted in a safe manner.  



3. Instruction

Our highly qualified instructors have both academic and relevant industrial experience with which they can provide real-world experience to the trainees. They engage the participants in a skill-focused training allowing them to have high level of understanding of the subject matter. Our instructors are not only enthusiast in their areas of expertise, but also very encouraging and supportive to our trainees.


4. Optimal Location

Our facilities are situated in the world's largest industrial city which makes JTI within close geographic proximity to many companies in the city and the region. This location advantage evidently reduces travel time and cost for training purposes. 


Contact Information

To inquire about our short courses and long programs, you can reach out to the Special Programs Unit through the following contact information:


Email: SPU@jti.edu.sa

Telephone: 013-342-0000

Extension: 5142